Austin Maze's Project Portfolio

First Flash Game

Above is a video demonstration of my very first game I produced in GIMM.

This game was a very tough start for the me in the GIMM program.
We were given a very basic flash game base and access to the code.
Through what we were taught in class and learned ourselves, we were to
modify the game; Add new mechanics, make completely original artwork, and
create an intro cutscene using code from greensock. It was a brutal assignment
but taught us what it means to be a programmer and just how tough it can be.

Group Flash Game

Above is a video demonstration of the group game I produced in GIMM.

The main objective of this project was to modify another program just like we
did for the first flash assignment but this time working with a group.
Working on a project with other people for the first time was quite an
interesting experience. Making notes and easy to read code was an interesting
task to be given. Durring this project my group experienced a lack of
equal effort. One student was taking a back seat to this project, thus
putting the weight of the entire project on to just me and my other groupmate.
We discussed this with our GIMM advisor and we had him delt with in a professional
manner. This project was a very interesting look into what needs to happen to
group members or "employees" that won't hold their wight when working on a project.

Group Mobile Game

Above is a video demonstration of the mobile flash game I produced in GIMM.

Unfortunately, The game seems to crash now due to some changes Adobe has made to animate
and I was unable to record the rest of the functions or gameplay of the rest of the app.
This was my first step into developing for a mobile device. It's very similar to regular
development except for the screen ratio and actions needing to be bigger to accomadate using
a phone screen. This was also a group project but this went much better than the previous one
Everyone held their weight and contributed to the project. It was an overall great experience
and one I hope I'll be able to experience again.

First Flash Game Group Flash Game Group Mobile Game