Austin Maze's Project Portfolio

An Introduction

I am a current Games, Interactive Media, and Mobile Technology
(GIMM) Student attending BSU.
I have a real passion for the development behind apps and games.
I enjoy everything that goes into the making of games and apps.
The art, coding, team work, and everything else.
Actually I'm just going to start putting dots now
My goal is to one day make a game that everyone
talks about and enjoys.

Senior Showcase Demo Reel

What is GIMM?

Through out the courses of GIMM we are taught many things.
Some of the most important things we are taught include
the many different stages and positions of game development,
how to work with others together on one or more projects,
many different languages of code and the basics of how they work,
and how to adapt to the ever changing world of technology

What are Artifacts?

My artifacts are representations of what I have learned
and the skills I have obtained in my time with GIMM.
My first few artifacts, developed in flash, demonstrate
my learning curve in just a year of using the program.
You can see my progress from borrowing lots of code and using many
if statements to learning how to optimally code and create things such as
AI states.